What We Do

Cultural Transformation in Safety & Operations

What values and behaviors directly correlate with exceptional performance in safety, operations, and customer service?  How is the culture of your organization helping to achieving your objectives, or is it getting in the way?  Safety and service are foundational to everything we do and will determine the future. The values and associated behaviors must be defined and driven through the entire organization.  We can help you evaluate your current situation and navigate the path that will result in performance that your industry and customers expect.

Strategic Planning for Change 

Organizations live with change.  It’s happening around them all the time.  Whether it’s technology, employee relations, market competition, or the everyday challenges of running a business, the strategies we have in place and how we view change makes a difference.  How do we stay ready, what tools do we have in place, and how do we immerse our workforce will make a huge difference in the outcomes we achieve.  

Professional Leadership Development 

Helping leaders navigate their role in an organization is critical. Realizing that leadership owns the culture which directly correlates with the results they achieve and the effectiveness of their teams. Leaders need the knowledge and skills to understand the importance of their role and the attributes that drive performance and change.  


Certified Professional Coach

Bringing out the best in leadership has a direct relationship to the bottom-line in performance and employee relations.  The skills and knowledge that employees need when they move into management change drastically as they climb the corporate ladder.  Creating leaders that live the corporate values and appreciate every employee potential, makes a huge difference. Carmen has coached hundreds of leaders across the globe getting them ready for that next step, and the break-through results they can expect